About Me

I'm a developer/student in my final year of Computer Applications in Dublin City University. Along with this I'm also a System Administrator of Redbrick, DCU's Networking Society. Previously I was the Chair of Redbrick and an Events Officer of Redbrick.

Here's a quick list of the systems, languages and tools I'm familiar with:

Operating Systems:

  • -> Linux (Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian)
  • -> FreeBSD
  • -> Windows
  • -> MacOSX

  • Programming Languages
    • -> Python
    • -> Golang
    • -> C/C++
    • -> Node.js
    • -> Bash

  • Tools
    • -> Git
    • -> Ansible
    • -> Docker
    • -> Docker Swarm
    • -> Jenkins
    • -> OpenFaaS

If you want to learn some more about me and anything I'm involved in, feel free to check out my blog and my gallery. I write semi-frequently about the things I get up to, and I try to update my gallery whenever possible, though I'm not a photographer, I just upload pictures I like really.